12 September 2011

Good news for Troubridge Island's penguins

AUSTRALIA - A recent little penguin census on Troubridge Island has found about 2600 pairs - making it one of the largest populations of little penguins in South Australia and the largest in the region.

Penguin ecologist Annelise Wiebkin, who has been studying penguins on Troubridge since 2004, told Yorke Peninsula Country Times that she believes the island's penguin population is stable.

She said that in 1980s and 1990s the estimated number of penguin pairs on the island fluctuated between 2000-4000, in 2004 it was 2528 and in 2009 it was 3010.

The stability of the population suggests food is readily available near the island and the adult survival rate is relatively high.

Troubridge's penguin census results are in stark contrast to those on Granite Island, where the population is small and decreasing.

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Penguin population stable on Troubridge by Karina Natt, 30 August 2011, Yorke Peninsula Country Times 

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