25 August 2011

Grim census results for Granite Island's penguins

AUSTRALIA - The results are in for the annual little penguin census on South Australia's Granite Island - and things are not looking good.

ABC News reported the count found only 102 penguins - 30% fewer than 2010. The figures are even more worrying when compared to the 1,600 recorded 10 years ago.

According to conservationist Natalie Gilbert of Granite Island Nature Park, there may be no penguins on the island by 2020 if this trend persists.

"That's why we're putting so much effort now into trying to find out if there's a way to make them feel safer and make it more appealing for them and give them a better environment and work out what exactly is the main issues," she told ABC News.

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Granite Island penguins could be gone by 2020, 24 August 2011, ABC News

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