18 August 2011

Rockhoppers rock in at no. 1 in the Falkland Islands

The swagger of a champion: Falkland
Islands rockhopper penguin.
Photo credit: Liam Q.
Some rights reserved.
FALKLAND ISLANDS - The spiky-feathered rockhopper has been crowned the Falklands' most-loved penguin species according to a recent Facebook poll conducted by the Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

Almost half the voters chose the rockhopper as their favourite, followed by the king penguin (30%) and the gentoo (16%). There are two other penguin species on the islands: Magellanic and macaroni.

The poll was conducted among the Tourist Board's Facebook fans over a two-week period and received 1,467 votes from around the world.

The majority of those who participated - 73% - said that wildlife was the Falklands' biggest draw. Given this result, it is no surprise that 63% said that birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts would be the type of traveller likely to enjoy the Falklands the most.

“Wildlife clearly is high on people’s travel agenda," said Paul Trowell, general manager for the Falkland Islands Tourist Board. "Visitors to the Falklands are guaranteed a personal, one-on-one experience with wildlife, and at times be surrounded by more penguins than people!"  Clearly a draw for any penguin lover!

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