18 August 2011

New rehab centre for Phillip Island's little penguins

AUSTRALIA - Phillip Island's little penguins can look forward to world-class care in the island's new wildlife rehabilitation centre.

The new centre was developed by Phillip Island Nature Parks in conjunction with the Penguin Foundation. It was opened on 11 August by Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith, who said he was "thrilled" to do so.

"Victoria has one of the largest little penguin colonies in the world so we must do our best to ensure these little creatures are cared for and protected," he said.

The new rehabilitation centre has the capacity to care for up to 1,500 little penguins in the event of an oil spill. It is also equipped to care for other injured Phillip Island wildlife.

“The centre will provide an outstanding level of support for the Philip Island little penguin colony and is a credit to the hard work of the local community and staff at the Philip Island Nature Park,” Minister Smith said.

Wildlife Victoria said the new centre was a "fantastic result": "We certainly hope that the centre will not need to be used at its full capacity; however we find comfort in knowing such a facility now exists in Victoria should the terrible need arise."

Phillip Island Nature Parks open world class wildlife rehabilitation centre, 11 August 2011, Liberal Victoria
New wildlife centre at Phillip Island, 11 August 2011, Wildlife Victoria

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