12 September 2011

Little penguins put Manly Wharf work on hold

AUSTRALIA - Little penguins nesting under Manly Wharf have put on hold Manly Council's excavation work there. A council spokesman said that work will not resume again until the penguin breeding season ends in February.

The Manly Daily reported that council staff and contractors had removed sand and begun stormwater works near the wharf, but the work was called off after volunteer penguin protectors alerted the council about the nests they had spotted.

Stephen Clements, the council’s deputy general manager, said its staff were educated in identifying penguin nests and had not found any in the area.

But penguin protector Angelika Treichler told the The Manly Daily that she had seen two penguins nesting under the wharf the night before. She was not sure how many penguins used the wharf as their nesting area.

Anne McGloghry, another penguin protector, also asked the council to fill in a trench that had been dug as a little penguin had fallen in earlier that week and needed the penguin protectors' assistance to get out.

Penguins halt flood mitigation at Manly Wharf by John Morcombe, 31 August 2011, The Manly Daily

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