19 September 2011

Screen stardom no pipe dream for little penguins

NEW ZEALAND - Little penguins nesting near Chaddy's Charters in New Plymouth have become screen stars thanks to funding from the George Mason Charitable Trust and Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society.

Chartered lifeboat owner Dave Chadfield told the Taranaki Daily News that the penguins settled in some old pipes near his shop 21 years ago.

Now, the funding has paid for a camera which is filming one nest with a live feed back to a screen in Chaddy's Charters shop.

Mr Chadfield said that the penguins' activeness was fascinating, and he finds himself wandering downstairs to his shop at all hours to see what they're up to.

"It's all part of eco-tourism really and it's great for people to get to know more about how penguins live. They're fascinating little things," he told the Taranaki Daily News.

Penguins make their screen debut by Jo Moir, 3 September 2011, Taranaki Daily News

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