30 January 2012

Little penguin population grows a lot

AUSTRALIA - It's full steam ahead for the little penguin population on Middle Island in Warrnambool, Victoria as an estimated 190 birds have arrived for the annual breeding season - the biggest influx since the population was almost wiped out by predators six years ago.

The birds were easy prey for dogs and foxes until 2006 when the Warrnambool City Council and the local Coastcare Landcare group trialled the Maremma sheepdog project. Since then Maremma sheepdogs have returned every year to guard the penguins. This year Eudy and Tula, who graduated from the training programme in early 2011, are back on penguin patrol.

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Penguin numbers continue to climb at Warrnambool's Middle Island by Peter Collins, 27 December 2011, The Warrnambool Standard

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