31 January 2012

Big Bill back where he belongs

NEW ZEALAND - A big little penguin who made a big noise is back in the big wide world.

The Department of Conservation took the moulting Big Bill - a not-so-little penguin - to Picton's EcoWorld Aquarium after he made a noisy nuisance of himself under a local house.

Aquarium director John Reuhman told the Marlborough Express that at 1.3kg, Big Bill was the biggest little penguin the aquarium had ever had.

"He was particularly assertive."

Big Bill was released into the sea off Picton foreshore. Perhaps now he is gone, the remaining two penguins in rehabilitation might be able to learn to swim - Mr Reuhman thought that Big Bill's presence in the tank might have intimidated them.

Shore leave ends for Big Bill, 3 January 2012, The Marlborough Express

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