07 November 2011

Lucky finds Halloween a perfect fit

Lucky wearing a custom-made
shoe. Photo credit: Sheri Horiszny/
Santa Barbara Zoo
USA - Just in time for Halloween, Lucky the Humboldt penguin from Santa Barbara Zoo has been given new, spooky, shoes.

Sporting orange and black color schemes, his new shoes feature a spooky jack-o’-lantern face inside shoe manufacturer Teva’s distinctive “hand” logo.

Lucky has an impaired foot and was given custom-made shoes designed by the adventure footwear company in May to help him get around.

“We couldn’t be happier to watch as Lucky adjusts to his healthier and happier life with his new shoe,” Teva public relations manager Jaime Eschette said.

“It’s only fitting to celebrate with his first Halloween shoe to get him in the spirit for the holidays.”
Eschette said that Thanksgiving and other holiday shoes are also on the drawing board at Teva.

“These shoes may have saved Lucky’s life,” zoo CEO Rich Block said. “Now he can, jump and swim like any other penguin, albeit a very stylish one. He’s become a favorite of our guests and our staff."

Santa Barbara Zoo's Lucky the penguin fitted with Halloween shoe by Julia McHugh for the Santa Barbara Zoo, 31 October 2011, Noozhawk

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