03 November 2011

Gentoo pops in for a brief NZ break

NEW ZEALAND - Happy Feet must be spreading the word around Antarctica that New Zealand is a good place to visit.

A gentoo penguin, usually found on the subantarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, recently turned up on a North Otago beach. To the delight of locals, the bird didn't seem bothered by humans.

However, unlike Happy Feet, the gentoo left the beach the same day it arrived (and, I assume, didn't eat any sand).

According to bird watcher Paul Mutch, whose wife first spotted this penguin, a gentoo was sighted on the Otago coast at Warrington about 40 years ago, only the fifth sighting since 1905.

Rare penguin appearance quite something by Rebecca Fox, Otago Daily Times, 27 October 2011

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