11 April 2011

Bonaparte's unrequited love for a Wellington

GERMANY - It seems that Bonaparte the penguin has met his Waterloo - a black-and-white Wellington boot.

Napoleon Bonaparte must be turning in his grave while his namesake, a gentoo penguin from Sea Life Centre in Constance, tries to seduce a rubber boot named after the French emperor's opponent the Duke of Wellington.

Bonaparte's keeper Dennis Kuebler told the German Herald, "He clearly sees sees the boots as a potential female mating partner. He rubs himself against them and gets very excited, showing off and trying to seduce the boot."

Mr Kuebler said that Bonaparte had even attacked another male penguin, Jasper, who got too close to his "rubber lover".

He added that next year the male and female penguins will be put together in the hope that they will breed.

"We will have to keep them away from my boot in the hope that they will turn their attention to the real females - not rubber ones."

The original Bonaparte - something of a romantic if his letters to his wife Jos├ęphine are anything to go by - would approve.

Rubber fetish penguin given the boot, 8 April 2011, German Herald

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