09 April 2011

Assault conviction for penguin warden pusher

AUSTRALIA - In a victory for penguin conservationists, James Oatley has been convicted of assaulting penguin warden Johnyth Burton while she was carrying out her volunteer duties on Manly Cove in NSW on New Years Day.

Mr Oatley, 28, pleaded guilty in Manly Local Court on 7 March to pushing the 73-year-old warden, reported The Manly Daily.

According to an agreed statement tendered in court, Mr Oatley came to shore near Manly Cove on a boat, and a dog that was also onboard jumped out and ran towards one of the little penguins. Ms Burton ran to the penguin's defence. When another penguin warden tried to take photos of the dog, Mr Oatley became aggressive and pushed Ms Burton as she tried to intervene.

Mr Oatley was fined AU$1,500 plus court costs.

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