03 December 2016

RSPCA to the rescue for little penguin trapped in a drain

AUSTRALIA – A lost juvenile fairy (little) penguin has found a happy ending, rescued by RSPCA NSW after being found trapped in a stormwater drain in Haberfield, in Sydney’s Inner West.

RSPCA NSW inspectors attended the drain after receiving a report from Inner West locals Josh Pirini and Scott Martin about a lost penguin that was distressed and making “wild noises” when they attempted to pick him up.

The penguin was stuck inside a smaller pipe in the drain, and was washed out with a gush of water, allowing him to be rescued.

The penguin was taken directly to Taronga Zoo where he was found to be slightly underweight and was given food and fluids. He is only a juvenile, just losing his baby feathers. He should be released back into the wild shortly, to happily live out his days eating fish and engaging in other penguin-related activities.

“It is unclear whether this penguin is the same ‘Mumble’ made famous by the Happy Feet film, who washed up on the shores of Australia after an epic journey from Antarctica,” commented RSPCA NSW Inspector Tyson Hohlein who attended the scene.

[RSPCA note: It is unclear whether Inspector Hohlein is aware Happy Feet is a fictional film, and that fairy penguins live in Sydney Harbour, not Antarctica!]

Lost baby penguin rescued by RSPCA in Sydney's Inner West, 2 December 2016, RSPCA NSW 

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