26 June 2016

Little penguin deaths likely due to natural causes

AUSTRALIA - An Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) investigation into water quality at Altona Beach has found the recent deaths of two little penguins and about six toadfish fish were likely due to natural causes.

EPA officers investigated after a member of the public reported seeing the penguins and fish washed up on the beach on 20 June.

Acting EPA Metropolitan Manager Danny Childs said while seeing dead wildlife washed up on Victoria’s beaches can be distressing, it isn’t always due to pollution.

“EPA officers found no evidence of pollution at the beach, so we believe these deaths were most likely due to natural causes,” Mr Childs said.

“Fish and penguin deaths can occur due to range of factors including changes in water temperature and weather conditions, which may have occurred here.”

“This community member did the right thing. Prompt reporting increases our ability to identify whether a pollution event has occurred and helps EPA minimise any environmental harm,” he said.

Mr Childs said members of the community should continue to report any suspected pollution to EPA as soon as it is observed by calling 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842) or via its website.

Altona Beach fish and penguin deaths likely due to natural causes [media release], 22 June 2016, Environmental Protection Authority Victoria 

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