17 June 2011

Sad news as penguin with "puppet parent" dies

UK - Sadly, the macaroni penguin chick at Living Coasts in Torquay, Devon, whose keepers were using a glove puppet to feed it has died.

The chick's unusual meal time routine made headlines worldwide earlier this month. Keepers had decorated the glove so that it resembled an adult macaroni penguin, with the idea that the chick wouldn't get too used to humans.

Exhibit manager Clare Rugg told the Press Association, "Keepers reported that the youngster ate less than usual on Sunday and had lost a bit of weight.

"On Monday morning, it was off its food, the vet was called, it was given rehydration fluid and critical care. But it sadly died later in the day."

Living Coasts' director, Elaine Hayes, said, "Working with animals has its ups and downs, and this is definitely a down."

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Penguin chick fed by keepers' puppet at Devon Zoo dies, 15 June 2011, BBC News

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