02 March 2011

"Survivor" penguins sent from Brazil to US

Magellanic penguins in Patagonia.
Photo by * hiro008.
Some rights reserved.
Brazilian scientists have sent a group of around 20 rescued Magellanic penguins to the US for an exhibition on climate change at Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

The birds are the survivors from hundreds of penguins that washed up last year on beaches near Rio de Janeiro after migrating from southern Argentina.

Scientists told AFP that the penguins have been migrating further north in recent years, possibly because of climate change, and the longer journeys are taking their toll on the penguin population. These changing migration patterns are currently being studied by Brazilian environmental authorities.

The penguins arrived safely in Los Angeles, where they will be quarantined before being sent to the aquarium.

Hopefully, since the penguins are poster children for climate change, their carers tried to minimise the carbon footprint of their journey from South America to the States.

Beached penguins sent by Brazil to US, 15 February 2011, AFP

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