19 February 2011

Nothing says "I love you" like a penguin painting

African penguins at Mystic Aquarium.
Photo by bunnygoth. Some rights reserved.
USA - Described by Mystic Aquarium as "the ultimate tribute to Valentines Day", two pairs of the Connecticut aquarium's African penguins have created 50 original paintings. At US$124.99 each, a penguin painting could be just the Valentines gift you've been looking for that hard-to-buy-for special someone in your life. (Considering the price, perhaps a VERY special someone.)

The artists are Green-Blue and Green-Black, who have raised several chicks together, and Gray-Silver and Yellow-Red, who have been together for an enviable 17 years and appeared on both local and national TV.

Painting is a form of enrichment for the aquarium's penguins. A trainer dabs paint onto the penguin's feet and then sets the bird down on a canvas on the floor. The penguin wanders across the canvas and - voilĂ  - a work of art! You can watch a video of a penguin painting here.

The original paintings, as well as reproduction posters and prints, are available from the Mystic Aquarium Online Store.  A portion from the proceeds of each sale will go towards the aquarium's penguin conservation efforts.

African penguins spread the love for Valentine's Day, 4 February 2011, Mystic Aquarium

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