22 January 2011

Tragedy for aquarium as three rescued penguins die in one week

NEW ZEALAND - They say bad luck comes in threes, and it certainly did for Ecoworld Aquarium in Picton, after three injured little penguins brought into the aquarium in the same week died within hours of arrival.

One of the penguins appeared to have been hit by a boat and suffered extensive internal bleeding, another had injuries to its head and leg and the third was a chick weighing less than 400 grams.

Ecoworld manager Regan Russell told The Marlborough Express that the aquarium has been working with penguins for only two years. During this time they have received about 20 penguins, and this was the first time any had died.

Thankfully Ecoworld's run of bad luck seems to be turning with Flipper, the fourth penguin to arrive in that week. Although Flipper's flipper was bitten off in what appeared to be a dog attack, the penguin, named by aquarium staff, is making a good recovery.

Call to watch for penguins by Tania Butterfield, 11 January 2011, The Marlborough Express

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